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Rouge had decided to take rime off. 18 years of age . . RETIRED.
MGF Jean-Rouge 405
MGF Jean-Rouge 405 MGF Jean-Rouge 405
MGF Jean-Rouge 405 MGF Jean-Rouge 405
DOB: 7/2/04
Color: Dark Red
Height: 32 3/4"
Description: Certainly a wonderful example of a miniature donkey.

She's from the MGF (McRoberts Game Farm) what more do we have to say!

Very stocky and symmetrical, this dark sorrel jennet is very gentle and friendly.
Info: Rouge is Wayne's favorite Jennet. "She is one of the most correct Jennets I've seen." Everything blends smoothly and she has substance to compliment her beautiful size and color. Great things are planned for her.
Show Results: Jan2019. Rouge is still a wonderful red jennet who demands attention whenever I am around. She was exposed to our micro jack Harley and on December 27th she presented us with another jennet foal. Her name is Kendra, named after Kent as they both share the same birthday.
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