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Amazing Grace has been exposed to Shadow and she appears to be filling out. But she did not want the ultrasound so I'll just watch and wait. No reason for her not to be bred for a springtime foal.
Continental Amazing Grace
Continental Amazing Grace Continental Amazing Grace
Continental Amazing Grace Continental Amazing Grace
DOB: 12/1/11
Color: Black no cross, white muzzle & eye
Height: 32 1/4"
Description: We really liked the 2016 foal from Amazing Grace and Sage and we have repeated the breeding in 2017. Still looking to produce true black and white spots, but no matter what color we get, if the foal is as nice as Grace's Promise then we will probably continue to do this same breeding for the foreseeable future.
Info: Jan,2019. Grace was exposed to our spotted micro jack, Rage, in September 2018. She is one solid hefty, drafty jennet and so it will be interesting to see what foal we get from her in Sept, 2019. She is such an amazing jennet that I would liked to have taken her to Obsession but she can't go back to her sire, Rage makes a great second choice.
Back in the summer of 2022 I weighed Gracie and she was a solid 300 pounds.
Success, Grace had a black and white spotted jennet foal.. See the pictures of September at the bottom. She is one that I intend to keep. Grace will be bred for a spot again. Here's hoping. Grace had a gray jennet foal in April. She is sold.
Show Results: 2nd of 15 Yearlings at the Indiana State Fair in 2012
3rd Place NMDA 2 year old class at the Kansas State Fair
September 2019,
Grace has done wonderful in the show ring but my showing days are over and she does wonderful things as a momma.
Grace delivered a spotted jennet (September) and she will stay here to be a replacement brood jennet someday. Her jennet foal, Love Bug along with Candace went to a couple here in Indiana.
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