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Heiken's Ark Heath Mar
Heiken's Ark Heath Mar Heiken's Ark Heath Mar
Heiken's Ark Heath Mar Heiken's Ark Heath Mar
DOB: 8/26/07
Color: Gray, Brown and White Spotted
Height: 29 3/4"
Description: Mostly brown and gray in a white coat. Markings are quite impressive. Prior to getting Heath we took jennets for outside breedings to a spotted jack. Now it is time for us to produce our own.
Info: I went to a select sale planning on purchasing a jennet but this little guy was so impressive that I let the jennet go to someone else. He is 29 3/4" at 1 month before his 3rd birthday. With a dam at 30 1/4" and a sire at only 27" how could he be anything else? He is so gentle. Always comes up to be petted or scratched. He is a perfect little gentleman.

We currently have 2 jennets bred to Heath and we have one or one or two planned to go to him this year. We really like what he has produced for us but with the addition of Sage to our breeding program this past winter we will not be using Heath as much. We really don't need to keep two spotted jacks in our breeding program. We are going to offer Heath for sale however we will continue to use him in our breeding program.
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