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Continental Shadow
DOB: 15 August 2019
Color: Dark Brown/Black
Height: 27 3/4"
Description: Dark Brown. Stay tuned, more pictures to come.
I've been waiting for 3 years now to determine his mature height and put him to work settling jennets. Ioday, September 5, 2022 I measured him again He's 27 3/4 Inches. A nice size for a micro jack. He is one of our junior herd sires now. I"ve had 4 Jennets in with him and now he is far enough along to get Macie ultra sounded and, YES. she is pregnant. I'm so pleased with my two young herd sires. I now need to consider if I need to keep Heikens Ark Haley.
Info: I'm very pleased with the performance from Shadow here in 2022. He has had 7 jennets in with him for pasture breeding in 2022 and has settled all but one and she has not had enough time to show up on the ultrasound screen. She need another month to develop to where the image is visible.. He's doing a wonderful job for me this year.
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