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27 3/4
Heiken's Ark Haley P (A.K.A. Harley)
Heiken's Ark Haley P  (A.K.A. Harley) Heiken's Ark Haley P  (A.K.A. Harley)
Heiken's Ark Haley P  (A.K.A. Harley) Heiken's Ark Haley P  (A.K.A. Harley)
DOB: 6/6/08
Color: Red/Gray-Dun Roan
Height: 27 3/4"
Description: If you have never been to Heiken's then you don't know what you are missing. We knew that we wanted a small, well built, little tank of a micro jack and we knew that Kathy would have a few to choose from and she did not disappoint. When we went into the jack pen there had to be 30 to 40 micro jacks so it was a lot to take in, but once we started to break down each animal and look at confirmation the lot narrowed itself down. It was fun to watch each of them move around the pen freely as we set back and appraised their different attributes. While we were originally looking for a spotted jack we quickly realized that the best jack in the pen was not a spot and confirmation was more important than color and like good cream, Haley rose to the top. The only major problem is his name. Every time we heard Haley we thought of a female so we nicknamed him Harley because what better symbol of masculinity than a big ol Harley Davidson.
Info: Heiken's Ark Hailey AKA Harley has been a great micro jack here at Continental Donkey Farm. But we have a couple of 3 y/o jacks now that are taking his place.
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