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Registered Miniature Donkeys
Where the best keep getting better.

Miniature Donkeys

Welcome to Continental Farm. Located in the rolling hills of southern Indiana Continental Farm is home to a rather small select herd of about 30 top quality miniature donkeys from across the US and Canada. At Continental Farm we have we have a motto of "making the best better," and to make the best better you have to start with good quality foundation and work through a solid breeding program to improve future generations. Each miniature donkey on the farm was bought or kept for a specific reason. Whether it be confirmation, temperament, size, or color every decision to "make the best better."

Miniature donkeys We still have normal size miniature donkeys (32"- 33") but we have added micro-minis (less than 30"). About half of the herd is now dedicated to the micros. Click on the micro minis tab. Our breeding program still continues to focus on conformation but many people are in color. The reds are still hot but many are wanting spotted donkeys. So we are seriously considering that when we plan our breeding schedule many of our foals will be spots, both miniature and micros.

While we have not been raising miniature donkeys the entire time you could say that we were born into animal husbandry with a love of animals. Wayne grew up on a dairy farm and has had livestock pretty well his entire life. Joan was raised on a working farm as well. When the kids got to the age where they could work with livestock the two youngest boys, Kent and Jon got the family involved with dairy goats. Continental farm was very successful in producing top quality Toggenburg dairy goats and the farm won multiple National championship awards and countless permanent champions. However, when the boys grew up and went away to college the work load of milking twice a day and kidding out 20+ head a year was more work than fun so Wayne and Joan searched and found that the miniature donkey was the perfect replacement. Now that he is grown and has a family of his own Kent has started to show an interest in assisting more and more with the donkeys so his children can grow up with them. Over the past couple of years Kent has started to work with the miniature donkeys and he has taken them to a couple of shows with some good success thus far.

At Continental Farm our breeding program is primarily focused on sorrel, black, and spotted miniature donkeys however we have a few select brown donkeys in the herd. We are very proud of the jacks that we are currently using on the farm and we currently offer stud service by any of the jacks. This may change in the future. Please contact us via e-mail or phone for stud service rates.

Please take some time to look at the cyber farm and if you want more information on any of the miniature donkeys on the site or if you would like to come see the farm and miniature donkeys in person please feel free to call or e-mail us. We are always looking forward to showing off our little asses!
You can visit our Facebook page, Continental Donkey Farm.

Continental Farm
Wayne & Joan Schuetz
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Washington, IN 47501

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